After the Lipoglaze procedure…

There is no recovery time. You may resume normal activities following procedure. It is normal for the area to be swollen & feel stiff immediately after the procedure. The treated area may be reddened for approximately 20 minutes after the applicator is removed.

Lipoglaze Side Effects.

Vacuum can cause bruising and tenderness to the touch and occasional tingly sensations. This typically resolves relatively quickly. Rare reports of pin point bleeding have been reported but these are rare. Temporary dulling of sensation or numbness in the treated area is normal and will resolve within a few hours or up to eight weeks after your procedure.


We provide our customers with a care pack that advises on routines that will help achieve maximum results such as drinking 2 litres of water a day, keeping fatty food intake low, and avoiding alcohol, tea and coffee until your results start to show; this can be from as little as two weeks.

The Results!

Approximately seven days following the freezing process, the cells change shape and trauma to the cell has occurred. At day 14 apoptosis is underway and clients may start to see a slight reduction. It can take up to three months to notice the result of the Lipoglaze treatment however most clients have experienced a noticeable reduction within two weeks.