Lipoglaze treatment FAQ

What are the risks of Non-Invasive Liposuction Treatments?

With Lipoglaze expect to see temporary mild redness, tingling, tenderness, cramping along with soreness. These are all impermanent! However after the surgical Liposuction with (anaesthesia) has happened the risks include: excessive bleeding, infection and scarring as well as uneven or excessive skin. So why take risks?


How effective is a Lipoglaze treatment?

The Lipoglaze system uses a powerful non-invasive suction to target areas of the body with unwanted or excess fat. A single Lipoglaze Treatment can destroy on average 26% of fat!


How much does a Lipoglaze treatment cost?

The price of Lipoglaze is much more affordable than the traditional Liposuction. We provide clients with a personal consultation. Once we have established your body image goals and objectives we will then precede with treatments and prices.


How many Lipoglaze sessions will I require?

The number of sessions required will be established on consultation, where the technician can access the area and advise how many treatments to reach your desired goal. However most our customers are happy after only one session!


How do I take care of myself after the Lipoglaze treatment?

Lipofreeze UK  provide a dedicated aftercare service for clients who have undergone or are about to have a Lipoglaze Treatment.