Lipofreeze UK are a team of trained technicians empowered by results driven technology, based in the Midlands – Wolverhampton and specialise in a revolutionary procedure for fat reduction using the highly talked about LIPOGLAZE by LoveLite…
Lipoglaze is a non-invasive treatment for the removal of fat. Not only does the procedure reduce fat, it completely destroys fat cells. This is a non surgical procedure that is safe quick and very effective. No wonder why so many people are talking about it!
Lipoglaze is a specially formulated liposuction alternative. Through the use of Cryotherapy, Lipoglaze carefully freezes away the unwanted fat cells providing clients with a safe, fat removal treatment that requires no surgery. Happy with your results? Send us a review.


What you should know

  • Safe, Non-Invasive & Effective.
  • Fast, Proven Results.
  • Destroys up 26% of fat in one session.
  • Costs a fraction of traditional liposuction.

What our customers say

“I cannot recommend this treatment enough! The results are really amazing!!! In 3 weeks I have a stomach that I’m not embarrassed of any longer…. thank you Sarah. xx”
Beth, Wolverhampton
“I have to say I was a little sceptical as to how well this would work, but 5 weeks later and I’m well impressed!! Cheers guys!! “
Rich, Birmingham

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